About Us
Our name, which means “Let’s go” in Italian, was chosen because is it one of the most famous words in Italy, when you are trying to get from one location to another in a rush, “Andiamo” is a good way to let transportation assets, like taxi drivers know that you are all set and ready to get going.

It is a legendary name that has been in Addison, TX. From decades. Andiamo features a fresh, rustic and seasonal Italian cuisine with a wonderful wines from around the world.

“Italian cuisine is my passion” says Chef Cynthia Pascual, “It is in my heart” and is what really people dream about this cuisine. Simple food prepared by expert hands with fresh local ingredients and served with Italian wines.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best Mediterranean culinary experience in a beautiful ambience with unforgettable wines. This is our goal.

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